CAIA Level I

Distinguish yourself with knowledge, expertise, and a clear career advantage – become a CAIA Charterholder. CAIA® is the globally-recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments.

Successful completion of two exams and Membership in the CAIA Association puts you among an elite group of more than 9,000 professionals worldwide. And, your education doesn’t end once you’ve passed and joined. Membership keeps you current and connected.

Earning the CAIA Charter is an investment in your career.

• Relevant: Learn what you need to know for success and credibility in alternatives.

• Current: Program materials are reviewed and updated regularly.

• Efficient: 75% of Candidates who earn their CAIA Charter do so in 12 to 18 months.

• Comprehensive: Two exam levels cover everything from the characteristics of various strategies within each alternative asset class to portfolio management concepts central to alternative investments.

What exactly is covered?

Level I:  Assesses your understanding of various alternative asset classes and your knowledge of the tools and techniques used to evaluate the risk-return attributes of each one.  Level II: Assesses how you would apply the knowledge and analytics learned in Level I within a portfolio management context. Both exams include segments on ethics and professional conduct. View the CAIA Charter Curriculum, or sign-up for an Infosession to learn more.

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  • Peter Chiwandamira Level II – Edge student
    I sat for the Level II exam in June and having attended lectures at Edge I must say I am more than happy with the material and support received from the staff at Edge. What made a difference - was the last month/weeks of preparation. Russell put in a lot of time and effort in putting it all together and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend prospective candidates. See you in Level III!
    Peter Chiwandamira Level II – Edge student
  • Ricardo Cassola Level I – Edge student
    From the beginning the staff has been efficient and timely from the registration period and throughout. Edge is central and is equipped with all the necessary resources to provide the scholar with best tools to study. The classes are small, which offers the pupils the attention and focus needed to excel. Another aid in this characteristic is the fact that most candidates voluntarily study at Edge, which establishes a more attractive environment to study. In my opinion, the most important aspect to consider is the ability of the teachers to pass on the information to the pupils. All the lecturers that taught me showed to be knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and managed to transmit their knowledge to me. The classes were interactive, to the point and enlightening. Edge has been the perfect business school for me. My needs were met in a delightful environment with the appropriate mechanisms to allow me to reach my academic goals.
    Ricardo Cassola Level I – Edge student
  • Yonatan Carno Level II – Edge student
    The lecturer’s passion, dedication and deep understanding of the work being taught has beyond impressed me. Being at Edge has inspired me to only strive for the best! Thank you Russell for all your hard work time and effort, I don't know what batteries you put in every morning but they must be super powerful! 😜 You really good lecturer and role model for all candidates and we lucky to have you as a lecturer. Looking forward to CFA Level II and III.
    Yonatan Carno Level II – Edge student
  • Henry Biddlecombe CFA(R)
    The most valuable aspect to me was the quality of the lecturers, with Russel and his team taking a genuine and active interest in each candidate. Our progress was consistently assessed, and any weaknesses were identified and addressed to ensure the best level of preparedness for the exam. Although the CFA curriculum is designed for self-study, being part of the Edge classes and sharing the journey with other candidates made the experience more enjoyable and less lonely! I would thoroughly recommend the Edge program to any CFA candidate who is serious about getting through each level 1st time around.
    Henry Biddlecombe CFA(R)
  • Martin Steenkamp CFA (R)
    Edge Business school provided me with the necessary structure and support throughout my studies. The strict schedule, comprehensive lectures and peer support gave me a solid foundation to help me prepare in every way possible for the exams.
    Martin Steenkamp CFA (R)
  • Naim Kadar Level I – Edge student
    Edge has given me a clear advantage to the CFA curriculum, small classes, ongoing support and extensive mock exams toward exam preparation. Edge CFA classes is a tremendous assistance toward success in the CFA exams.
    Naim Kadar Level I – Edge student
  • Vera Van Wyk Level I – Edge student
    The staff from the admin to lecturers are always helpful. Classes are small enough so you can have one on one. Whenever a question is asked, lecturer are well equipped to answer or come back to you with an answer very quickly. I loved classes with Milica-the pictures and examples made work very easy to remember.
    Vera Van Wyk Level I – Edge student
  • Mathew Friend Level II – Edge student
    EBS is a fantastic college that has state of the art technology in the classrooms and the best CFA lecturers that have vast experience in the topics of CFA. The lecture team is led by the amazing and experienced Russell Jude. The amount of time and effort that Russell puts into the study materials for CFA and candidates is phenomenal.
    Mathew Friend Level II – Edge student
  • Yaglin Pillay Level I – Edge student
    Through my experience at Edge Business School, from undergrad to participating in the CFA® Program, Edge Business School lecturers have a unique approach to individually assessing student problems and assist with problem solving on a one on one basis should the need arise. The personal touch of lecturers to candidates with regards to lectures, proves passion and dedication.
    Yaglin Pillay Level I – Edge student
  • Jacqui Moyo Level II – Edge student
    Since my first classes at EBS for CFA Level I I’ve enjoyed the culture of diversity and the feeling that I'm part of a family at Edge; this isn't  just between the candidates but with the lecturers and staff as well. When I moved on to the next level I knew and mentioned to my work colleagues that I would only consider studying at Edge because I felt that my chances of success would be so much better. I still feel that way today...
    Jacqui Moyo Level II – Edge student
  • Smanga Nxumalo Level I – Edge student
    Edge is a real game changer, one of if not the best institution for finance in South Africa at the moment. Pair Edge with the CFA® Program, one of the most prestigious finance designations in the world and you have yourself an endless flow of value in your pocket. Portable power I call it. My experience with the CFA® Program and Edge has been the best decision I have ever made. It is a no brainer, unbelievable experience that I will never forget and the value I take with me is really breath taking. Sometimes I say things I didn't even know I knew.
    Smanga Nxumalo Level I – Edge student
  • Nic Du Toit Level II – Edge student
    They have ample years of industry and tuition experience and ensured to keep even the most boring and tedious topics relevant with practical examples. I would highly recommend their comprehensive and well-structured Program to anyone registered for the CFA Level I- III examinations in order to save time, energy, and keep stress-levels under control.
    Nic Du Toit Level II – Edge student
  • Odwa - CFA Level II student
    Thanks to the Edge Fit team of lecturers and administrators. You've made my CFA Level II journey a pleasant one through all your hard-work and guidance, I am glad to say I have now cleared Level II. I am looking forward to the early start Level III lectures. Best Wishes!
    Odwa - CFA Level II student